3 Reasons You Should Book Your Summer Vacation on the North Carolina Coast Early

While a spontaneous weekend trip in the middle of the summer can be fun for the family, planning your vacation well in advance has many notable advantages. As North Carolina’s Coast is a popular vacation destination, if you’re hoping to visit anywhere from Elizabeth City to Wilmington this summer you may want to consider booking your trip a little earlier this year. This is also important if you’re considering booking one of the incredible rental properties on the Northern, Central and Southern coast. Here’s a look at why, if you’re thinking of visiting the NC coast, you should plan ahead:

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  1. Early Bird Specials 
    The earlier you book your vacation; the more specials you are likely to come across. Vacation companies, hotels, travel agencies, and the like offer exceptional deals on special packages and tickets.
  2. Building Anticipation
    For some, the time leading up to summer vacation can seem endless. However, it’s actually a great opportunity to build excitement amongst your crew! Keep a vacation savings jar in the living room or on the kitchen counter so that the family can have a visual reminder of the vacation and use the weekends leading up to the event to research local things to do and plan family activities.
  3.  Options, options, and more options!
    When you book your family’s vacation in advance, there are more options available not only for where you’ll be staying but also for how you’ll be traveling to your destination. Coast Host is proud to partner with multiple hotels, rentals, and campgrounds to provide wonderful options to those visiting North Carolina.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, or a place suitable for the whole family, you’ll find the perfect accommodations on the coast of North Carolina. Our partners range from rental homes perfect for longer stays to hotels that can provide a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Learn more about the variety of incredible spaces on the North Carolina coast and special deals offered to those booking with Coast Host. From the Outer Banks all the way down to Southport, North Carolina’s coast is waiting to host you and your family!

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