How a NC Coast Host Membership Will Help Your Business

With a mission “to increase economic growth by promoting travel and tourism along North Carolina’s three hundred mile coastline,” NC Coast Host has established itself as the premier tourism marketing association in eastern North Carolina. Membership to our non-profit group allows tourism professionals to interact, network, and collaborate with one another to share the history, culture, and beauty of the North Carolina coast with visitors and residents. Some of the benefits members receive are: 

Presence on new website 

The NC Coast Host website has undergone a complete overhaul and is now a superior resource for tourists and potential travellers to use when planning their vacation to the North Carolina Coast. Members of NC Coast Host will benefit from this improvement by receiving increased coverage of their business or organization through various aspects of the website, starting with an enhanced listing with a detailed explanation of their business and high quality photography. Another perk members receive is their events will also be included on an up-to-date interactive calendar that website visitors access. Additionally, blogs spotlighting current happenings, news and vacation tips are easily accessible for vacationers. Members can also share specials they are offering to be featured on the website. Finally, web inquiries often turn into leads for businesses. 

Industry Involvement 

As a member of NC Coast Host, you will have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other people in your industry. Each year, NC Coast Host holds four membership meetings, which provide an excellent forum for discussion of coastal topics and issues. Your contact list will develop through networking with other important leaders in the local tourism industry. Members also receive representation at state tourism meetings and in the travel council of North Carolina, as well as the ability to participate in legislative lobbying efforts. 

If your eastern North Carolina business or organization is ready to be a part of a group that shares ideas and dollars to see increased traffic and results, contact for additional information and application details.

For additional information and to apply for membership, please contact:

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