A Lesson in North Carolina Wine

Close your eyes and think of North Carolina. Now open them. You probably weren’t thinking of wine, were you? Well, though you might not think about wine when you think of North Carolina, did you know that North Carolina is actually home to over 100 wineries? There are also two main focuses here in our state: Europena-Style Vinifera grapes, which are prominent in the Western and Piedmont areas, while native muscadine grapes are what populates the coastal region. 

The hot sandy conditions of the coastal region make it a perfect environment for Scuppernongs and other native muscadine grapes to grow and thrive. Muscadines are known for containing high levels of Resveratrol and other health-enhancing antioxidants with properties that can help lower cholesterol and possibly have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. This newfound information caused muscadine wine to rise in popularity in the 1990s and now the typically sweet flavored wine has made quite the comeback. Today, North Carolina muscadines have evolved to include everything from the super sweet to mid-level sweet to even dry. 

Now that we’ve officially got wine on your mind, we want to share a can’t-miss coastal event that will launch your official NC coastal wine investigation. On April 28th, Duplin County is opening up its doors and inviting guests from all over the state to delight their taste buds with food, wine, and more. Guests from near and far are requested to venture to the Duplin County Events Center to learn or remember what makes Duplin County such a great place and to celebrate everything its local businesses offer in a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere. A Taste of Duplin will serve guests with samples from local restaurants, wine tastings courtesy of Duplin Winery and Country Squire, and other vendors including Duplin County Museums and more. 

If exploring the NC Coast, while expanding your wine palate is on your spring to-do list this season, we can help. From places to stay, things to do, and even specials, we’ve got everything you need to plan your next getaway to the North Carolina Coast.

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