Sylvan Heights Bird Park: A Wild Adventure

Have you ever wanted to experience South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia without leaving the beautiful North Carolina coast? Look no further than Sylvan Heights Bird Park. Located on the Northern Coast in Scotland Neck, NC, Sylvan Heights is unlike any zoo, aquarium, or animal-centric park you have ever experienced. With over 2,000 waterfowl, parrots, toucans, flamingos, and other exotic birds from around the world, it is anything but “for the birds.” Open to the public, Sylvan Heights is an experience you and your family won’t soon forget.

About the Park

Originally from England, Mike and Ali Lubbock moved to the United States in 1981, with an extensive knowledge of waterfowl in tow. After continuing to cultivate their expertise with the species, establishing a breeding center and working closely with the North Carolina Zoological Society, Sylvan Heights Bird Park opened in 2006. Their mission is now to advance conservation of both waterfowl and wetlands as they also serve as an international center for agricultural training and research.


Educational Visits

One goal of Sylvan Heights is to “act as a local education resource for avian biology and wetlands ecology.” From field trips to summer camps, children are regularly visiting the park and expanding their knowledge about birds, endangered species, conservation efforts and much more! After receiving a grant, Sylvan Heights has worked to develop and host a STEM program for rising 9th graders called Soaring Into Science. Field Trips to Sylvan Heights will provide students an opportunity to observe the largest collection of waterfowl from all around the world. Other programs designed to enrich education include K-12 programs, overnight programs, summer camps, and more.


Plan Your Visit

If you are ready to observe and learn about wildlife from all over the world, Sylvan Heights Bird Park is open Tuesday through Sunday year round. Open to the public, the park offers guided walking and golf cart tours, in addition to planned educational visits, events, and more. For specific daily hours and more information regarding your visit or to purchase admission tickets, click here.


For additional information and to apply for membership, please contact:

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