The Top 5 Must-Do Activities at Hammocks Beach State Park

hammocks beach state park

Considering an island getaway filled with wildlife and privacy? Hammocks Beach State Park, or Bear Island, is a three-mile-long sanctuary for relaxation and serenity that can fulfill your summer desire right here in North Carolina. Hop on a ferry, equipped with your favorite picnic basket, and indulge in some needed leisure time with miles of unpopulated beach.

Five “Must-Do’s” of the state park you can’t miss out on:

  1. Camping
  2. Kayaking and Paddle Boarding
  3. Fishing
  4. Bird Watching
  5. Historic Swansboro Shops and Dining

Pitching a tent in one of Hammocks Beach’s backpack camping campsites allows for adventure and the ignition of primitive instinct. Once you’ve set up camp, kayaking and paddle boarding in the deserted waters are merely steps away with the beachfront view of your site.

Don’t forget your fishing pole. Hammocks Beach is ideal for fishing whether it’s off your kayak or paddleboard, surf fishing along the water’s edge, fishing is just steps from your tent. As the sun sets on your relaxing day, pull out those binoculars and watch the variety of birds, ranging from herons to egrets, as you wait for a dinner reservation in one of Swansboro’s best restaurants. The historic atmosphere, and waterfront dining experience will provide lasting memories but don’t stop there – be sure to bring home a momento from one of the area’s local boutiques. Hammocks Beach State Park offers countless outdoor activities so you can plan your trip from sun up to sun down.

For more information on Hammocks Beach State Park, click here or call (910) 326-4881 for NC Parks.



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